SRS Solutions - Service Class

Hailing from a service background, We understand this segment is mostly engaged in routine activities which are associated with their prime focus on their jobs, meeting targets to improve bottom and top line profitability for organization they work, to get a sense of satisfaction and of course sharpening core skills due to which they are being rated high in the organization they work with.

For service class, we bring a different blend of services which allows a person to design his/ her own Land/ House / Villa/ Rented Accommodation as per his / her requirement.

We give 100% focus to all the requirement of our customers. We develop and propose the product only once we understand the core requirement to the customer. In order to facilitate the deal we do not compromise on our quality of offers.

Search Process

In order to meet the requirement of property for our customers, we take our approach in a way where customer can specify all the requirements by going through a requirement analysis process and in turn our consultants would propose the property which suits the best to them.

  1. Requirement Analysis: -We perform requirement analysis by getting a Requirement Analysis Form filled where customer confirms the requirement of property. This process also gets done by conducting personnel meetings to understand core requirement of the customers.

  2. Property Search: -We perform this process with our panel of associates from across the locations on the basis of parameters specified by the customers.

  3. Product Proposal: -Once we have performed the search than we validate if we are meeting the requirement of customers and while doing so we ensure we meet the maximum requirement of customers.

  4. Making the deal: -Our team of consultants would ensure that deal is being completed successfully.

  5. Paper Work: -Depending upon the customer's requirementWe perform all the related paper work in order to ensure the completion of all formalities required in performing the job completely.