At SAFAL management consultancy we are not only into the services for getting a candidate for you and your business, we basically eye at getting the best match which can lead your business from the front. In order to automate this we follow a highly authenticated system which allows a client to get a perfect candidate with blend of expectations that they had.

The process of recruitment for us remains to be

  1. Requirement Analysis: - We primarily intend to understand your requirement by evaluating it on various parameters; the requirement of a customer gets evaluated on the basis of completing the requirement analysis form which in turn allows our consultant to assess the need of customer in and out. This process remains to be critical for us because during this process we evaluate the requirement of customer on the basis of which we can propose our probable solutions. This is the phase where we invest our time the most and unless we are clear on the JD, KPI's, KRA's, Salary Range, and Facilities to employees we do not go ahead with taking the task forward.

  2. Solution Design: - On the basis of requirement identified by the customer, we move ahead for designing the probable solutions by using several Medias which can be hunting from our own database, searching from long prospective candidate list, Performing offshore search.

  3. Internal Evaluation: - We call candidate for initial discussion with our panel of experts who in turn evaluate them and conduct an interview where we shortlist the candidates.This is done by going beyond their professional skills by judging them on scale of softer skills and EQ which help us in getting best fit for our clients.

  4. Communication with client: – We ensure regular and proper communication throughout the process.

  5. Candidate Exposure: - After performing the analysis and design we make candidate visit the client for a final round of interview where candidate is being evaluated further.

  6. Closure: - Finally, client makes an offer to candidate and Joining of the successful candidate in the organization brings us to the last phase.