Our Advantages

  1. Core team of experts: - We have formulated our team on the basis of "How To Get You A Perfect Match". Our team of Panel comprises of

    • Property Hunters: - This team is primarily searching the property from across the country. This team comprises of a set of team mates with proven skills in property hunting and meet the requirement of customer.

    • Land Consolidators: - Land consolidation is a very skilled activity and hence can be performed only by the experts.In order to maintain the process extremely smooth and very clear we have a proven set of members who have been into land consolidation since decades, they have been involved in consolidation of land of more than 1000 Acres which enhances the reliability of SRS.This team has a proven track record of doing land consolidation and forming strata of land as per the requirement specified by the customers.

    • Buy/ Sell: - This is being mostly needed by the service class and hence we pay a good chunk of attention over here. We are connected well with the property Buyers, Sellers and channel partners which are not limited to owners, builders, and contractors, which assists us in meeting the requirement of our customers.

  2. Credit Assessment: - With our experience and knowledge in the industry we understand legal documents well, we understand the process well through which we are able to assess the credit worthiness for parties involved in property hunting which remains to be a massive challenge for an individual customer in the end. We have a professional team which assists an individual customer in performing this activity very smoothly.

  3. Experienced Team: - All requirements get an individual attention of a consultant which allow a customer to take decision smoothly. This team comprises of people from various background with rich experience our team comprises of people from Real Estate, Legal, Commercial, and Marketing Background which is being served to our customers completely under a single roof.

  4. Existing Network: - We have an exhaustive network of consultants which in turn allow and facilitate us to quickly respond to your requirements.