Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll processing remains to be one activity which uses a good chunk of time for both Finance as well as HR team. Whileobserving the Payroll process, it can be noticed that this activity remains to be a time consuming activity, and Money to Time Spent ratio remains high which indicates a costly process in place for an organization. Apart from being a time consuming activity this becomes one of the most sensitive and thankless service provided by the department which over a period of time demotivates the professionals working in the team. In case if related processes, systems, procedures and checks are not in place than execution cost for the same goes further high. Researchers say same time can be utilized by the team mates in performing other activities which can be adding more value to the organization.

Our Payroll solution offers a complete set of solutions which allow client to be completely away from this activity at Operational level;We handle it with our set of experts, systems, procedures, and checks as per the requirement specified by client in order to offer a complete package to them.All the related support solution in terms of Software, Hardware everything gets managed by us.

Our services include
  1. Taxation and Statutory Compliance.
  2. ESIC and PF compliances.
  3. Employees Monthly Salary.
  4. Employees Bonus.
  5. Management Reports.
  6. Software/ Hardware.