1. Make Proposal: - During this phase SAFAL makes the business proposal to client in which we make our intentions to get empanelled with client by fulfilling each other's expectations.

2. Understand more about organization: - Throughout our corporate exposure as well as research conducted we have found that it is very necessary to understand each other better in order to provide complete solutions. During this process we get into the insights of organization to understand the core business and thought process of client which allow us to get the best solutions for them.

3. Requirement Analysis: - We perform requirement analysis which allows us to understand more about the actual requirement of clients in terms of the services required by clients e.g. Manpower Hunting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Strategic Staffing Services etc. This also provides both parties an opportunity to look for a long term association with clear vision of moving ahead as business partners in growth.

4. Sign Assignment Letter: - Assignment starts with signing assignment letter with SAFAL. This is a mandate to us from client for services which intends to be utilized. Once we are on panel and get the detailed Job Order, the journey begins.

5. Job Execution: - Once we obtain the Job Order from our client, we use our tools and methods to ensure client is getting the perfect services from us. During this phase we get all required activities conducted which includes Performing the process to find best candidates, Conducting Interviews, Keeping a continuous follow up with clients.

6. Fulfilling Agreed Terms: - At SAFAL we strongly believe in promising what we can deliver and so we make sure that we are fulfilling all terms which has been agreed with our business partners.