Property Parameters

SAFAL Reality solutions have taken a complete approach in a way through which we have gone a step ahead to meet the requirement of customers. We offer customized service to our customers while meeting their property related requirements.

We consider the requirement of customers through a series of interactions by using various media and strictly adhere to a series of processes.

  1. Requirement Analysis: - SRS does not go for making a proposal to the customer unless we have complete set of details related to the requirement of property. In order to make process smooth customer defines what they need and in turn after understanding the requirement of customer we initiate the next process.

    Some of the commonly used parameters on which a customer would like to rate the property would be as follows.

    • Rate of return on the selected property.
    • Ambience associated with property.
    • Specific location.
    • Price band.
    • Surrounding atmosphere.
  2. Match Making: - We initiate the process of Match Making on the basis of the parameters identified by the customer. In order to perform this, we make use of several media through which we meet the requirement of customer or come as closer to exact requirement as possible.

  3. Proposal: - On the basis of the requirement we do the match making and in turn once we have completed match making than we go ahead for making proposal of property which will meet requirement of customers.

  4. Deal Completion: - Once property has been identified and accepted by the customer, than we ensure deal is getting done smoothly.