Reality Solution

Welcome to SAFAL Reality Solutions, your immediate and unique solution to all your real time requirement of property from across India, we are a team of proven leaders with extensive skills in Real Estate Supply Chain Management.SRS ensures all your needs for real estate are being solved under a single roof. We are widely connected through a network of our channel partners from across India.

We are neither sellers nor buyers rather we are panel of Property consultants, we facilitate the deals with our set of services which in turn assists our customers in taking profitable decision(s). We propose solutions to our customers completely in line with the requirement specified by them.

SRS is a result of an extensive study performed by professional team of experts; Our core team has been integrating Supply Chain Management of Real Estate since decades and through SAFAL reality solutions we offer a complete solution to our customers. In order to ensure our deliverables, SRS has been integrated in such a way where we have combined strength of customer's requirements with our passion of Property Hunt. SRS does not propose a property to customer; Rather, we propose solutions by understanding actual needs of customers.

At SRS we intend to make process of property finding ever dynamic and smooth through which an Individual, A Corporate or an Institutional customer is being catered on the basis of their core set of requirement(s).