Safal Additional Prepositions (SAP)

In SAPprogramme SAFAL has got an expertise in bringing you the best set of services which are across various levels in the organization:

  1. Trainees: - We get you the best and committed trainees to work as the Interns for you, these trainees always facilitate your business with fresh thinking and a series of commitment with a potential of staying with the organization as permanent solution. This is one of the unique services, it allows you to assess a trainee over a short period and then you can take a call purely based on his/her performance within your organization.

  2. Response Management System : - It has been quite common for organizations to come up with advertisements for a series of requirements. Performing the screening process during this becomes a very hectic task as the corporate end up spending a precious time in shortlisting and screening the candidates. We at SAFAL offer you a service in which we perform all the shortlisting for you and then recommending you the candidates best suited.

  3. Contractual Staffing: - We have a blend of offer through which we propose you a temporary staffing or Project Consultants who can join for a specific time period. Their service can vary from projects to projects or for a fixed tenure. Here we provide a full range of services which are ranging from best of the corporate till the rank and file positions.