SAFAL Services in International Trade

    1. Business Development Partner.
    2. Market analysis and Reports.
    3. Arranging Local sponsors/ Partners in International Market and ensuring a smooth landing of our clients in those markets.
    4. Ensure initial meeting with couple of prospective business Partners in the new Market.

This all begins with clear understanding of your business, the Product on table, your vision for the International market development and the Value proposition. Once the above major issues are clear, the work starts with planning to enter into target markets which will start with making a database of expected customers, arranging a local sponsor, work on legal formalities etc. We then get into execution process and make sure that the deliverables are met. The process may vary based on the Target country/ Target Market Segment.

We are not merely acting as Consultant and providing you a report but we are taking a step ahead holding each other hands to execute the plans and reach goals together to bring that delight, that smile which we are passionate about, the smile of SAFAL People.