Strategic Staffing Solutions

We at SAFAL Anchor best fit for your business; we perform this activity with our own research and development. Reverse recruitment process remains to be a premium offering at SAFAL.

The entire process is a cyclical approach which gets performed internally. Steps which are being followed by us are as follows.

    1. Spot the potential candidate.
    2. Using our expertise and tools, start conversation with him/her about a career change.
    3. Training and Development: - If we find there is a skill gap we recommend them to plug it by using few tools.
    4. Proposal: - We propose these Champions to our esteem clients. This is done after complete understanding of Client as well as             Candidate requirements, Skills set, Work Culture and expectations on both ends.
    5. Transition: - We facilitate all the required process and ensure a smooth transition is being done.

This is the process through which we primarily target to make a passive employee to an active job seeker. This process is one of the unique services for our prestigious client to give them delighted services. With this service our clients are not only being provided promising candidates from market, they are also given opportunity to get hold of those few bright candidates which could take their business to new heights.

For clients enrolled in our Reverse Recruitment Program, we periodically circulate profiles of highly qualified executives/managers suiting to best of their requirement. The identity of our candidate is, of course, kept in confidence until a meeting with a client is set up and about to take place.