Why Choose Us?

There are some significant reasons which are addressed by SRS that makes our set of services unique and in turn allows an individual / corporate to meet complete set of requirements.

  1. Matching Requirements: - This remains to be the top most activity for an individual; It is more about meeting the core requirement of customer instead of proposing an option.

    Out of a survey performed by us we have found a majority of buyers have compromised with some of their actual needs while buying a property on the basis of some parameters and these parameters are ranging from Commercial, Locality, Vaastu, Nearby Locations, Buying cost, Availability of Land etc.

    When it comes to property it is always a dream investment for any individual ranging from retail to corporate, there are multiple parameters which governs decision on whether to Buy and specially Not to Buy a property. We at SRS have given this process a completely professional Shape. While performing this activity, we rate your property exactly on the basis of requirements specified by customers. In turn we make proposal to you in line with requirement specified.

  2. Researched Approach: - Reliability remains to be a very critical parameter when it comes to property due to various reasons. We have observed consumer behaviour for a customer when customer goes for buying a High End cell phone or Dress, In these cases we have found the buying process remains very structured, while on the other end Property Hunting lacks this completely and it gets governed mostly by local beliefs and communication,with brick and mortar method of property search.Property hunting or sourcing is a very specialized and researched process and hence it must be done only by Trustworthy experts and Partners.

  3. Methodology: - Our methodology of property search has been formulated after benchmarking it with best of the process adopted from various industries.

  4. Cost: - The cost of property sourcing is outrageous in case if this gets done by an individual without complete awareness on this.Our offer has been designed in a way through which it remains to be cost effective.

  5. Efficient Partner: - The efficiency to perform any search in real estate gets governed by the pace at which Match is being searched and hence in order to perform this, a wide degree of up and cross integration has to be done in order to perform the process. To do this well, SRS has formed a network of consultants who have got a proven talent.